Empowering a sustainable future with solar energy

We are dedicated to providing innovative solar design, installation, and battery backup systems that help create a greener world.

Our Expertise

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Expert Solar Solutions

We offer a range of solar design, installation, and maintenance services, including off-grid systems, grid interactive systems, generator backup installation, and EV charging solutions.
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Generator Backup Installations

Our team specializes in battery and generators backup installation and maintenance, ensuring reliable power during power outages and emergencies, and supply for offgrid systems.
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EV Charging Solutions

We provide EV charging solutions to support the growing demand for electric vehicles, making it convenient for you to power up your vehicle at home or at your business.


Renewable energy solutions in theKootenays

We offer customized solar solutions for both residential and commercial applications, providing consultations, efficient installations, and comprehensive services to meet your diverse energy needs.
Customized solar solutions tailored to your needs
Professional installation and seamless integration with your existing setup
Ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance and maximum savings

British Columbia

Savings & Rebates

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up to

For the BC homeowner, for costs to upgrade your primary residence to become more energy-efficient, including on-grid solar systems on your roof or ground.
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PST exemption

For alternative energy generation and equipment in BC, including insulation, weather stripping, solar PV, micro-hydro, and more.
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deduction of total solar asset costs

For commercial businesses only, eligible under the Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) scheme for tax deductions.


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